/TDS/ The Developer Summit | Brazil Edition 2019

It is the first /TDS/ edition and we are introducing a new way of a 100% online event.

We thought of impacting as many people as possible and democratize knowledge.

All lectures will be available for free for the community in local language. With time we’ll work on english subtitles. 😉

The event committee will always select the 6 more interesting specialists from each country so it does not matter from which part of the country they are, they can have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the dev community.

– Development
– Security
– Operation

Event goals
– Offer quality content and tendencies
– Strengh dev community
– Enable a global event that work in different communities

Optional services:
– live interaction with the specialists
– certificate of participation
– access to the lecture presentation
– /TDS/ exclusive chat group
– other additional services that will change according to each edition.

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